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About Wild Food Arran



My name is Zoë, I started Wild Food Arran to teach people about the foraging joys on the mystical Isle of Arran. I hold regular foraging walks for beginners all over the island.


My obsession with the intersection between sustainability and heritage is what got me hooked on foraging. People in the past didn’t waste anything and they knew which plants benefited from being harvested and what others were best left alone. For me foraging is a simple act of reconnecting with the old ways. When I’m out with my basket connecting with the plants around me and discovering their names and histories I feel free.

I have been foraging seriously for around 5 years. My approach is full of reverence for the wild places that provide our food and I aim to gently tune into an older sense of ourselves. I’m constantly seeking new old ways.

All my events are welcome and open places where we can explore plants together. They will be full of plant identification info and tasting, of course, but most excitingly for me they will be full of stories about the plants and the places we encounter to help you remember them.

Arran is an ancient and special place that I want to honour with my practice as a forager and as a human.

See ya.


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